Golden Attitude

Hi everyone

Today i chose a title mixed with lots of interpetation. First and formost i chose “gold” since it represents light,warmth, glamour and passion. Tonight the “festivel of lights” start which represent warmth,spirituality and light.  Besides that, it is a time of lighting up the dark and remembering that miracles actually DO happen! It reminds us to have that little “Golden attitude” in our life, to always remember to never give up hope even when the days are cold and dark.
Golden Attitude means:
Shine, and sparkle and spread your warmth and your love
Believe in miracles and they will happen
Take a moment to appreciate the gift of light and life itself
Light up your life by sharing time with your  friends and being a good friend at the same time
Do not be afraid to bring your own unique light into the world
Remember that even the smallest flame of hope has the power to illuminate the deepest darkness View Post