Posh and Spicy Reader survey

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Hey ladies

There are now quite a few people who visit my blog, but besides the lovely comments and support ( which i love) , I really have no clue who you all are. I feel like you are my anonymous friends whom i share things with but heck i have no idea who you actually are. lol Anyways, I put together a reader survey that will help me get to know what super girls are hanging out here and what YOU like about this site. You know, so I can make it even more exciting for you! And no it is nothing like one of those endless checkbox surveys you used to take in college. It’s short and sweet 🙂  It probably won’t take you more than one minute to finish. But hey one minute is expensive these days so i would really love you immensly if you decide to spend it on my little survey.

I will share the outcomes in a later post so you all get to benefit in reading what everyone is up to. Do not miss out on the fun and lets get to know each other 🙂


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Warm wishes,

Toby xx