The best beauty scrubs to prepare for summer

Hey Ladies,

The months of spring are almost over which means summer is around the corner. Many of us look forward to the summer days, where you could show off more skin than usual. Bare legs and beach body perfect could make some woman quiet anxious and the self consciousness kicks in. But no worries in the next few weeks i will guide you through how to get your body and skin into shape, so when summer comes, you are ready to go. First and foremost the key is to shed those dead winter cells on your skin. Scrubbing off the dead cells helps tone and even your skin. It will also make any kind of self tan better and healthier looking. Not only does it smooth, tone and polish your skin. It also boosts your circulation which could lead to less cellulite built up in your body. I have picked 6 of my favorite scrubs for you. View Post