Traveling Essentials

Hey girls,

Sorry for the late post, i was bedridden with the flu wondering if its just me who get’s sick the minute the weather hits cold. Oh well, i do feel better now and im off to new york tomorrow. Travelling 8 Hours on a flight is not really my thing, but let’s face it, when then can you spent 8 hours without texting or calling anyone…
I do like to travel with all my “making me feel good” thingis in order for me to get through those 8 hours more easily and more myself and not having to arrive feeling out of touch. So i thought i’ll post my “must have’s” in traveling essentials.

Carry On Essentials

My number one on the list is my water bottle, until one gets some drink one can already easily feel nauseous and water always helps. I do like to sleep a little so sleep mask and a pillow are helping me to do so. Advil, and sickness pills are my emergency calls. Of course snacks are part of a trip and hand creme plus a little parfume bottle make me feel good. Phone, Ipod, Kindle or sometimes a book are all my entertainement essentials if the movies that they are showing suck. OH and never forget the most important thing..charger+earphones!

Bon Voyage and Au revoir.

If its awefully quiet here, i am probably busy partying in new york;)
Until soon girls.