Edgy meets Preppy [Jessica Alba]

They say everything’s been done before. Combining leather with wool, crepe with lace, velvet with cotton, literally everything goes. Escpecially in today’s Fashion world there is no limit to creativity. The only thing,  there IS a limit to courage. Most people won’t try out something new, risky or out of the box. The reason is pretty simply. We all want to fit in. So here i have brought you an example how you can wear something elegant and preppy and still at the same time get an edgy look. Jessica Alba is not only one of my favourite style icons, but has this enorm courage to always try out something out of the box and set an example for others to follow. She always finds away to make everything possible and wearable. Especially in our current fall season, one always seeks a way to get from summer trend to fall trend. This one is perfect! Take any full skirt and combine it with a leather jacket, fur vest, or something warmer to wear as a top.

So let’s take a closer look.


(Picture courtesy to www.Whowhatwear.com)
The actress mixed edgy and preppy elements in a head-to-toe look . A tough Black Leather Jacket ($3998) tempers the ladylike elegance of the Yellow Plaid Skirt ($2398), while the Black Silk Lycra Scoop Neck Sweater ($898), Black Patent Belt ($550), Black Patent Jestina Sandals ($650), and Black/Pink Leather Clutch ($1500), allow the skirt’s vivid tartan print to pop. A biker jacket and plain t-shirt may not be anything new, but it’s Jessica’s fresh, unpredictable take on these wardrobe essentials that makes her outfit so chic.
If you want to know HOW it works, just scroll further on to see how to get her look!


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have fun experimenting. Until next time.