My simple resolutions for 2017 you can keep

2017 resolutionsHEY LADIES

My first post in 2017…how exciting! Do you also love the feeling of a fresh year, new chapter and the anticipation what the year entails? 2016 was a great year for me with lots of new adjustments. We moved to a bigger apartement, my son went from baby to a toddler and i started a new job and so many more things. This year i am looking forward to making it even better by helping myself. It is all about selfcare for me this year since i have really spent my time taking care of everyone around me and forgeting myself in the process. So i thought of sharing with you my most important resolutions that are really straight to the point and easy to keep ( i mean lets see about that) View Post

My Summer To-Do List

My Summer To-Do List

Hey Ladies Those delightful summer months are the perfect time to try something new, and make some great memories. Even if you are not flying off to some 4 star resort you could easily create those summer…

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