Instagram VS Reality ~ The Real Story behind an Instagram Post


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As much as we don’t want to admit it, we have become addicted to social media. Most of our day is spent scrolling through our feed and seeing what everyone around the world is up to. Sometimes its fun to discover brands, shop through our favorite bloggers and discover other peoples milestones. However, many times it makes life look so perfect, too perfect. In fact, sometimes we get jealous of other peoples life just by looking at their IG pictures. But it’s important to remind ourselves that these images are NOT real life most of the times. Sometimes there is quite a comical story behind each “gram”. I thought I would share what really goes on behind the picture perfect Images you see, and put things more into perspective. 

Instagram VS Reality ~ The Real Story behind an Instagram Post

People think its so easy to take the perfect shot. One, Two, Three -POST! However, in reality, most of the time it takes me 500 near identical images to create that perfect “gram”. I usually end up deleting it a bunch of times, because the colors don’t match my feed. Many times i ask my poor husband to take the picture and usually, I or he end up in tears lol.

This image is was actually taken by my friend. We met up at the Brooklyn bridge and the weather was absolutely freezing! We had to take breaks every 5 min to put our coats back on and warm our fingers! My skin was so frozen it hurt!

This was taken on my frontporch while waiting for my sons school bus. It took a million shots until I got one without my face reflecting on the sunglasses

As perfect as this picture looks like, my 3 year old snapped it! I actually extra put that dress on and changed my shoes in order for him to take some pictures. I was wearing a completely different outfit 2 minutes before

I wanted the bubbles on my coffee so badly so I had to poor the coffee right before I took the picture. Guess what, I poured it all over me! I had coffee on my clothes and on the floor but I got the shot lol!

My husband took that shot. We were at the zoo with the kids believe it or not and I wanted a picture of this skirt. My son wanted to be in the picture so badly he threw a tantrum. I had to bribe him with a lollipop in order for him to leave us alone for 2 seconds and take the shot.

So here is the truth behind Instagram, it’s not all the way it seems. I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you get jelouse,depressed or disappointed sometimes when you scroll through your feed? How do you put things into perspective? Let me know your thoughts on Instagram VS Reality in the comments.

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  1. November 2, 2018 / 12:28 am

    I try to be as honest and relatable as I can with instagram especially as I am always getting caught up with comparing myself to others. This post is really refreshing and such a fun read, please keep this up!

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