3 Tips on how to dress modest without compromising style

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As you know i am a modest inspired blogger, which basically means that i only wear skirts that cover my knees and long sleeve tops. No pants, no shorts, no short sleeves, no short dresses you get the point. To some of you this might sound constricted however i am here to tell you that you can dress with constrictions and still feel stylish and attractive. 

3 Tips on how to dress modest without compromising style

It’s a little startling and alarming how, today, being stylish and attractive has become synonymous to showing as much skin as you can. I personally think that looking attractive has very little to do with showing skin. Just look at Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Jacky Kennedy just 3 names of women who are always super stylish but you will never see them wear a tank top or shorts. Being stylish is how you carry yourself, how you pick outfits that flatter your figure and how you stick to your own personal style that allows you to express yourself with confidence. I found this great quote which basically explains modesty so well.

“Modesty is not about hiding your body its about revealing your dignity”

Do i feel less attractive or stylish because i dress modestly? Absolutely Not! Can i wear every piece of clothing out there? No! but i could give my own spin on clothing and still be very fashionable.

Here are some tips on how to dress modest but stylish

LESS IS MORE – No i am not talking about skin lol. Minimalism is a nice way to go if you’re looking for ways to look modest and stylish. Avoid adding too much parts to your outfit, it will help you achieve a classier and more sophisticated look. If you have a bold colored skirt ( like my skirt featured here) then keep the rest simple so its not too overwhelming

LAYER UP – layering is one of the oldest styling tricks in the book yet it still is one of the most effective and efficient ways to add more class and style to your look. Go out of the box but using a sharp white blouse under a dress or a turtle neck under a slip dress. If you have a really cute dress but you think the neckline is a little too low for your liking, simply cover it with a sweater or button up.

GO FOR THE MIDI – for a modest but flattering ensemble, your safest bet is a knee-length skirt. Knee length skirts just look so much classier compared to their shorter / mini counterparts. It’s a foolproof length that won’t make you look short or frumpy. Pair it with heels and together these two make for a lovely modest but stylish look.

dress modest
dress modest


You can also browse through my clothing page i always update it with modest clothes. I hope you liked my tips on how to dress modest and i hope you can understand more from where i am coming from. If you have any questions i would love to answer them.




  1. May 11, 2018 / 4:55 am

    Okay I loveeeeee this!!! 🙂 I’m so the person who wants to dress modest and still stylish (baggy sweaters 4ever!!) but I seriously love these ideas. And your skirt is TOO cute! XO, Becky / http://www.roseandbrose.com

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