Valentines Day Beauty Gifts that will Make Your Heart Flutter

Valentines day

Hey Ladies

If you give me any reasons to celebrate love, i will take it. Who does not love a day dedicated to all things pink, red and romantic?! Some people might think Valentine’s day is cheesy and overrated, but i say, why not?! It is so cute when grown-ups get to be all sweet and romantic, going out of their way to celebrate each other. I remember the first year of marriage when valentines day came around i went out and bought balloons from a store around the corner, i then made a big breakfast and decorated the whole house with rose petals. (call me a hopeless romantic, i will take it ;)) I was standing by the door waiting for my husband to come home, and he arrived with the exact same balloons from the store i bought mine!! We burst out laughing, and it was just such a cute moment:) Besides, you know how much i love all things sparkly, pink and flirty. So go treat yourself to something pretty this Valentine’s day!

Valentines Day Beauty Gifts that will Make Your Heart Flutter

I will use this lovey-dovey day as a sign to get myself some flirty beauty products. You can never have enough lipsticks am i right? I hope you find something that will make your heart flutter and cheeks blush….

How do you spend valentines day? what was your most memorable one yet? I always love to hear from youXoxo



  1. February 2, 2018 / 4:40 am

    Such a sweet gift guide! I especially love the idea of the watermelon sleeping mask (sounds so nice!) PS-the title of this post is so cute and I love it! Thank you for sharing, Toby!

    Kaitlin ||

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