How I practice self-care as a mom of two and with no time to spare

how to practice self-care

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They Say: Self-care isn’t selfish! And i couldn’t agree more! Since becoming a mom of two i barely have time for myself, wait let me rephrase this, i have NO time for myself. However, one month after having my second baby i felt completely depleted and run down. I needed to take a shortstop and really evaluate how i am going to take care of myself, since if i don’t i cant keep on giving to my children, home and spouse. Therefore, i took it upon myself to carve out some special time for myself in order to recharge, refocus and chill out. Here are some of the ways to practice self-care.

How I practice self-care as a mom of two and with no time to spare


// Take a bath //

Probably the one thing i try to do the most is to take a bath. I make sure my husband is home to take care of the two kids and i close the door behind me for 30 min. Even if my bathroom isn’t glamorous or anything special i hot bubble bath instantly relaxes me. I drop some aroma oils into my bath or some bath salts to have the ultimate relaxing bathtime.

// Unplug from Social Media //

Ultra important to just tune out. I sometimes take one hour a day where i put my phone away. it lets my mind focus on just what matters and focus on whats in front of me.

// Spend time with friends //

With two kids i sometimes wish the day had more than 24 hours. But i realized that if i want something i just HAVE to make time for it. Last week i called up my friend and asked if she wants to go out to eat at night. And guess what it wasn’t spontaneous or anything it was very planned out and scheduled in order for me to leave the house, however, we had a ton of fun and i forgot for 2 hours that i am a mom which is so freeing.

// Take a walk outside //

Once the kids are in bed i sometimes get myself dressed and take a quick walk around the neighborhood. Even if its just 10 minutes. Just being alone and catching some fresh air can give me a good boost and a healthy clear mind to go on.

// Splurge a little //

There is nothing wrong with spending some money on yourself and on your pleasures. For some, it’s a new bag or a new lipstick. It does not matter how big or small if it makes you feel better then go ahead.

// Remind yourself that this too shall pass //

I have days where i feel like i am just running on a treadmill called life. This kid needs food, that kid needs a bath and i am just left last on the list. I take a second to just think positive and remind myself that these hard days will pass, nothing lasts forever!

// Dance away //

I sometimes turn up the music and jam it out, yes even sometimes with holding a baby in my arms. Letting loose and just dancing to my favorite tunes makes me feel like i still got my life in order and all will be good. Music, in general, can be a very emotionally soothing way to let go of stressful moments.


There are many more ways that don’t take much time of your day that you can practice self-care. Here is another post on how to relieve stress. I would love to know how you take time off for yourself and what ways help you the most to refocus and recharge.

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  1. January 17, 2018 / 1:30 am

    Great tips! So glad you’re making time to dance and spoil yourself when needed!

  2. January 17, 2018 / 1:36 am

    Great ideas for a self care day. Thank you for sharing. We all need to be reminded that we need to take care of us too.

  3. February 12, 2018 / 7:19 pm

    Very good tips. It so important not to forget to take care of yourself. Sometimes we lose that when constantly taking care of other. But the benefits of physical and mental health are so important.

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