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Have you been wondering why some of your friends might look younger than they really are? Do you have minor wrinkles that bother you? Just the other day a really young looking friend of mine said she wishes she could do something about the deep wrinkle between her forehead, and you know what? there are so many options out there! We are just sometimes afraid of the concept of tampering with our skin. Wrinkles and skin sags can be very annoying. They can even make some people embarrassed to go out in public. Well, if you have those skin issues there are actually a lot of ways to reverse those signs of aging. But before you can pick an anti-aging method you need to really understand your skin. 

Identify Your Skin Color and Type

Your skin treatment journey should begin with identifying your skin color and type. If you’re wondering why skin color is important, there are a few reasons. One is that some laser treatments target areas to treat based on color, making dark marks on light skin easier to treat. Darker-skinned people may not be good candidates for those procedures. Another good reason that skin color matters is that those with dark skins are more sensitive to melanocyte damage. Melanocytes are the centers within the body that produce melanin, or the pigment of your skin. Any damage to those centers can cause temporary or permanent skin color change in the area affected.

As for skin type, that refers to the consistency of your skin. Is it oily? Is it thin? Do you have dry, flaky skin? Is it weathered and leathery from years of sun and exposure to the elements? Any of those things can have an impact on the various different treatments for sagging skin. It’s worth noting that those with darker skin often have oil glands that are larger and more active, but there are exceptions.


Learn About All of Your Treatment Options

The next thing you need to do is take a good close look at all of your treatment options. One option you have is to treat your skin with designed to encourage collagen production and make skin cells stronger. There are several different types of laser devices that can be used for that purpose. So, you may be able to find one that works well on your skin, regardless of its color or type.

Another option you have is to undergo microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. I personally tried the microdermabrasion and my skin felt so much better afterwards. You could also try getting Botox injections to plump up your skin. There are also medicated creams you could try, as well as sound wave treatments and other anti-aging methods. So, it takes a little time and research to really explore each of your options.


Identify All of Your Other Skin Issues

Another thing to consider is that sagging skin may not be your only skin issue. You could have current acne outbreaks, old acne scars, eczema, rosacea, sun spots or any number of other skin problems added into the mix. Only by factoring in all of those can you make the best choice about treatment.

Narrow Your Choices According to Budget, Comfort, Recovery Etc.

Once you have considered the medical side of things, you may still be faced with a choice of more than one option that could treat your problem area. If that’s the case, you’ll need to look at things like the comfort level and recovery times associated with certain procedures, as well as your personal budget. Eventually, with help from skincare experts, the right solution will reveal itself to you.


Have you felt the need to treat your skin lately? Have you done any treatments? How was your experience. Let’s talk 🙂

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