Tips on how to stay safe in the sun

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Hey Ladies,

I hope you all a had a wonderful weekend. There is nothing like a summer weekend spent at the beach or pool with your family or friends. Living here in Brooklyn it is a bit hard getting to the water without major traffic or waiting lines. So we went upstate to visit some family for the weekend and it was such a treat to be able to enjoy the pool just outside the lawn. But with enjoying the sun comes the damages that we should all avoid. Keeping skin healthy in the bright light of day is hard work. The devotion to hats and rash guards, the careful selection of sunscreen and thorough application and reapplication every 90 minutes is at best annoying, and when children are involved, the process can be truly demoralizing. So here a few tips on how to stay safe in the sun the best way possible. 

# lather up

Do not leave the house without sunscreen. It is of great importance to apply the sunscreen 30 min before you are exposed to the sun, since it needs time to soak into your skin. I use a foundation combined with sunscreen and sometimes switch to a BB cream to protect my face. Best is to avoid the sun at all from 12 – 3 which is when it’s the strongest.

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# choose to self tan

We all want to look like we have just spent 2 weeks in Ibiza but not everyone could do that and it takes a lot of sun exposure to get that perfect tan not to mention it is very damaging. Choose to self tan instead of laying for hours in the sun until you burn. I use St.Moriz self tan for my body and Vita Liberata for my face. They are both great ways to look sun-kissed without the sun.

# cover up

The sun is very strong and even when sitting in the shade it could damage your skin. Try to cover up. Use a hat and sunglasses at all times that you sit and want to enjoy the sun. You do not want to get wrinkles at 30 and too much exposure to the sun will make them appear much faster than you would like.

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# Do use after-sun care

Even once your towels are hung up to dry and your day is over the care for your skin is not over. There are several after- sun care products that help and nourish your skin that was exposed to the sun.  With soothing aloe it calms sun-exposed skin, provides post-sun repair to help prevent today’s sun exposure from becoming tomorrow’s visible damage. Clinique and cosmetic lines have some awesome products for that purpose.

Hope these tips helped you. Got any more tips for me? Love to hear them.
Enjoy the sun and stay safe:)

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