Go green, Happy Earth day!

Hey ladies,

As today is earth day, we should take a moment and look at our closet full of clothing and think about how we could help the earth be a safe and eco-friendly planet. Thinking of sustainable clothing, we tend to have a grey scaled, unshaped piece of clothing in our minds but that is not really what it is. More and more designers try to incorporate sustainable practices into modern clothing. Celebrities, models, and designers such as Lucy Tammam, Stella McCartney, Frock Los Angeles, Amour Vert and Edun have recently drawn attention to socially conscious and environmentally friendly fashion. On your personal level, you could try to check the label before you shop, and see what fiber is being used. A lot of stores have a extra division for more eco friendly clothing. For example H&M had a division called conscious exclusive, which is worth checking out. American Apparel is also one of the big labels that support and sell fair clothing. In the Make up line , there is also more and more labels that exclusively sell environmental friendly products. Check out this post to discover 3 labels that you could buy in your local drugstore, and support the earth at the same time.    https://poshandspicy.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/guest-post-3-beauty-brands-you-should-be-buying-by-freckle-me-silly/ 

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Happy earth day! Let me know your tricks and ways you go for, to be more world conscious
Xx- Toby.

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  1. Zareena
    June 9, 2015 / 8:50 am

    I love this colour!

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