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Hey ladies,

Sorry for not posting so often last week,  i was deep into prepping and having our jewish holiday. It is a festival, celebrating the salvation of the Jewish nation under the ancient Persian empire. The Holiday was being celebrated with lots of food, as usual;) and the kids and adults got dressed up in costumes and the custom is that we give each other gifts, and food baskets. It is a very happy and joyful time.

But today let’s talk about this difficult New York winter that for some reason does not want to leave us, even though it is march. For this type of weather, your regular cleansing and morning routine is not enough. Your skin needs more nourishment since its is very roughed out from the cold weather. I found some great skincare for this purpose and i really see a difference in my skin since i use it. My skin used to be so dried out and rough since i adapted to my winter routine things are much better. I know its a little late in the year for that, but it is always good to know how to adapt your skincare to the weather.
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First i clean my face with Eve Lom morning time cleanser. Its a balm, so it is very nourishing and less aggressive. For a good all day moisturizer i use Hope in a jar by phylosophy, there is also a dry skin version of it , but i use the regular one. If i have extra dry areas i use the Clarins hydraquentsh rich cream for cold climates, and cream the needed ares, it right away makes the skin smooth. If i still have dry patches i use a face oil by Bobbi Brown, it is my favorite must have. I sometimes mix it in my foundation to give my look a healthy glow and protect it from the weather. For my Primer, i found this great brand called KORRES, that only uses natural ingredients. I use the Greek Yoghurt Primer. Last but not least, before i apply any kind of lipstick, i use fabulips by Bliss, which is a sugar lip scrub. It is the best thing for dry lips i have ever tried out there, and trust me i have tried all of it. I have terrible chapped, dry lips and this scrub sheds away all the dead skin and makes my lips smooth and keeps them hydrated throughout the day.unnamed (18)

If those some of those things are too expensive for you at first, they all come in traveling sizes, and therefore are a cheaper to buy. I always first buy myself the traveling size and if it really works and i love it i buy the regular size like this i don’t splurge on something i regret afterwards. But trust me, it is worth it.

Happy Sunday Ladies:) Keep me posted with your beauty regimes. So we could all learn tips from each other.



  1. March 11, 2015 / 2:43 am

    Love your blog! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for the details! 😉

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