Carrie Bradshaw and all her life lessons

Hey ladies! i hope you are all doing well and are ready for some REAL girl talk about Carrie Bradshaw. Who does not know the famous lady who invented tulle skirts long before it was in style, who is obsessed with shoes, who has a crazy love life, like many of us and who has some real life tips and tricks we could all learn from..
There is something about Carrie and her friends that keeps on pulling me to watch the series all over again and again. Is it the many awesome fashion moments? The crazy, cool friendship? Or the fact that it’s all in the city that never sleeps –  Manhattan?
I think every woman in this world could somehow relate to some things Carrie Bradshaw is portraying. The many breakups, the trying to just get through life without losing it sometimes, the many desires of expensive shoes, bags, fashion, i mean who does not have all those issues sometimes? So that is why i picked some really cool quotes of the series we could all get some inspiration from.

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Carrie is the one woman who never gave up on love, and i really admire her for it. It wasn’t easy for her being dumped on her wedding day….but she still never gave up on finding the one and only. And i believe every woman deserves to have that “ridiculous,inconvenient,consuming, can’t live without each other love”! So don’t ever settle for anything less than butterflies!


Friends are like oxygen, you can’t live without them. And Carrie and her 3 friends really prove that point. No matter what, they were always there for each other. But you really got to invest in them, phone calls, night outs, sleep overs, sharing…. those are things that make friendships become better and better. Moving here to New York, i myself left my very good friends behind and i really feel the missing piece called friendship. It is really hard not to be able to share the most craziest and weirdest things with girls your age who always understand exactly what you are talking about. So keep your friends close!!

FASHION (shoes!!) –
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Oh i can never get enough of carries awesome sense of style. And sometimes i share those desires that she has. I agree with her that shoes are the one thing that every woman should invest in. A pair of nice high heels and you are good to go. And yes i do believe every woman could wear High heels, no matter what body size you are. Get those heels on and look fabulous! And between me and you it happened quiet often that my husband gave me money to buy groceries and i came home with a stack of vogue magazines. We all have the same girly desires and we should not need to excuse ourselves for it.

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Life is here for us to enjoy. True, sometimes it is really hard to do that but then again things pass and life goes on, so why can’t we just sit and enjoy life. Carrie really tried to live to the fullest possible i could almost say she embraced her single hood. Yes you are single, so what?! Consider yourself fabulous despite the labels people put on you. And her saying about “the most challenging relationship is the one you have with yourself” is just so to the point and so true. If you are not happy with yourself then nothing makes you happy. So for those who are single, get out there and rock the world because you are still fabulous and amazing!! For the rest of us, just because we have spouses who help us make life sweeter, never stop working on your own happiness!

So ladies, let’s take some of the spark and coolness from Carrie Bradshaw and convey it into out own bubble of life. And we do not have to live in Manhattan to have the craziest life experience, wherever you are make the most of it. Wait i’m not done…I can’t end this post without posting some of Carries brilliant fashion moments.

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Gotta love her:) Happy Wednesday ladies and let me know all the lessons YOU learned from the famous Carrie.



  1. February 5, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    I am so obessessed with Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City. I think I have watched each episodes at least 20 times! I can tell you exactly which outfit was in which episode! Lol
    Fashion was amazing, but it is true that also we don’t have the same lifestyle at all we can relate a lot.
    Thank you for sharing this Toby!

    • February 6, 2015 / 9:54 pm

      Haha i watched it a million times too and still always get the rush of excitement!

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