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Yesterday i had  such a crazy day, i literally did not know how i will manage to keep on going. We had an appointment early morning with my baby, so i had to get up 6 am to get him and myself ready. This being on a 4 hour sleep at night. So by the time i came home, i was so exhausted and drained i could not see straight. Anyone of you had such days?
So i needed a total energy boost  to take me through the rest of day filled with feeding, “diapering” and doing piles of house chores that were waiting for me.  Here comes today’s topic.  I went and made myself a green juice and felt instantly better. Now let’s talk more about this famous green juice. 

What Is green juice?

Healthy vegetable drink

It’s juice that’s made with green veggies instead of fruit—and it tastes yummy not that green ugly thing you have in mind. Think cucumber, celery, broccoli stems, kale… it’s good stuff!
Plus, some vegetables (like the broccoli) can actually taste quite sweet. I started to not like the taste so much but once i got used to eat i loved it! Sometimes i mix in some apple, lemon, pear or ginger to downsize the very “green” taste and give my juice a bit of sweetner without spiking my blood sugar

What is the difference between a green juice and a smoothie?

First of all fruits might be full of vitamins but they are as high in sugar, so it is going to make your blood sugar rise and you will have full energy and then 1 hour later it drops, and you will feel worse than before. Green juice contains vegetable which stays in your digestive system longer and has way less sugar to almost none. It is a quick and convenient way to consume several servings of raw vegetables, otherwise hard to take over a week when you have a busy life.


What does it really do…?

It boosts immunity, improves circulation, decreases inflammation and counteracts the things that make you age. I really see a difference in my energy lever once i drank it.  I feel more awake and energetic. It’s amazing! To get the most out of it, drink it on an empty stomach and then wait about half an hour to eat solid food. Also you might wan’t to try it instead of coffee and you’ll be amazed at the energy it gives you!

Since vegetable could be quiet expensive, especially kale and spinach you could get dis-encouraged but I believe that if you are spending money on expensive cosmetics and skin care, it pays as much to invest in some green juice, since it has more skin and health benefits you could ever imagine! No wonder this green juice is such a famous thing, from celebrities to models to pregnant woman they all swear on it! It is the next big thing and everyone is talking about it.

What are the ingredients?

If you feel like trying it out, here is a cute image i found that tells you what to put into your green juice. There is not really a point-blank recipe for it, since everyone does it to their taste buds, some like it sweet while others like it strong and green. i just look what i have left in my fridge and throw it all into a blender, then i taste it and if i need it a little bit sweeter i add an apple.


Are you also going green? Have you ever made or bought a green juice? Do you like it? Let’s talk more green in the comment’s below. Looking forward to hearing all about your experience.



  1. January 23, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    I’m not usually a fan of green smoothies and detox drinks but this actually looks quite good 🙂

  2. January 23, 2015 / 4:22 pm

    It is! you should try it:)

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