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Yesterday i red a very inspiring article on Vogue.
“How Orthodox Judaism’s Laws of Modesty Gave Me a Sense of Style” written by Michelle Honig. I, like her and many others out there am a Jewish gal that dresses according to the laws of modesty. So not only am i proud that she got published in Vogue but also that i could count myself as one of them. In the article she describes how she found her own voice and style in the vast fashion world by having to transform clothes into outfits that were a tad more refined and infinitely more modest” 
She finishes off by letting the world know that having to dress by modest laws “need not translate to dowdy, unflattering, ill-fitting clothing. Modest dressing can be beautiful, attractive, and, most importantly, fashionable.”
I too after having just left the teen years, found it a personal challenge to try to wear upbeat fashionable and trendy clothing but still keeping the laws that my religion provides. The basic laws are; – no pants – knee-length skirts – over the elbow tops and the collarbone should be covered. Besides that i could basically wear anything and style it however i want. I am not saying it is easy, at times like in the summer i do wish sometimes to walk around in something more breathable and not be so covered up, but it does give me a good healthy limit in this big sometimes overwhelming fashion industry.
Why do we have those laws?
Well in Judaism a woman is of very great importance, we are compared to a valuable diamond that is not exposed just like that, but has a protected glass around it. Our clothes are a way of telling the world, there is more to me than just my physical appearance. More and More Fashion labels copy this motto and showcase more modest clothing on their runway. It is not only more intriguing to show less but there is also more respect towards those that carry themselves with a sense of “i know what my value is and i do not have to show it off”.
For me it is exciting to go through catalogs and magazines and picking out styles and trends that could work for me. Here are a few examples of how i style the modest look.






For more Inspiration you could check out the following fabulous modest fashion blogs, that are being followed by thousands and are even in the media sometimes.

For the full article in vogue click HERE
Do not forget to always wear your invisible crown. Feel free to ask me any question in the comments below and do not hesitate to voice your opinion. Do you like my modest styling?


  1. January 14, 2015 / 4:48 pm

    Thank you for this. As someone who is a modesty proponent and it being my main mission on the blog, it could not have come at a better time. It is quite challenging to dress modestly in this era moreso if you are in the fashion industry, so having people I can look up to and people who will encourage me to do more of this, is a plus.

    • January 14, 2015 / 5:01 pm

      Wow thank you. feel free to reblog. here you will find lot’s of modest looks you will be able to apply. stay tuned! and i hope i won’t disappoint you:)

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