Top 12 beauty exclusives to buy from the Nordstrom anniversary sale

Beauty Exclusives

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My favorite part of the Nordstrom sale, of course, is the beauty department. I got invited to see a preview of most of the products that are part of the sale, and it was so helpful to see everything in action before going on a spending binge.  Featuring limited-edition “Beauty Exclusives”, you won’t want to miss the chance to scoop up your favorite brands, including Charlotte Tilbury, Jo Malone, MAC and so much more. I am going through the Top favorites i believe are worth to buy. View Post

The Hair accessory trend that’s making a major comeback

hair accessory

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Knotted headbands are making a major comeback this season! I used to love playing around with different hair accessories. I remember those days when bandanas were a huge hit lol. Headbands serve both functional (keeping hair pushed back in the midst of summer sweat) and aesthetic purposes that make them really IG worthy ๐Ÿ˜‰ And how can we forget the queen of headbands: Blair Waldorf
She ultimately made me fall back in love with the hair accessory trend!
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My favorite Online purchases from the past month / 400$ Amazon Gift card

bow obsessed (2)

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So spring/summer finally decided to show up and along with it came an urge to buy some new items. always when there is a new season i like to buy some trendy items that im going to use throughout the season. Lately, i have been browsing Amazon a lot and found some pretty awesome stuff for cheap. I thought i will share with you what i bought this month and the things i love the most. Plus I’m giving away 2 400$ amazon gift cards that you can win. Scroll down to enter ๐Ÿ™‚ View Post

15+ long sleeve floral print dresses you can wear this spring

floral print dresses

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long sleeve floral print dresses are my favorite transitional pieces for the spring season. As a modest woman, i don’t wear short sleeves. So, of course, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect long sleeve dress. It’s the perfect connotation for spring and brings a cheerful addition to your wardrobe. You can add a blazer, or jacket on top if its still too chilly out or pair it with heels and take it to a date night. I took some inspiration on Pinterest on how to style a long-sleeved flower print dress. View Post

My daily Spring/Summer skincare products


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Who knew that by taking a few simple steps your skin could be great. I never really had terrible skin besides in my teenage years where i had the occasional outbreaks and pimples appearing. However, i do see a difference in my skin when i take care of it and when i don’t. I wanted to share my daily skincare routine for the spring/summer season which should be different than your winter skincare. Its less hydrating, more clean and fewer layers. View Post

Celebrating 26 Years / 26 facts you might not know about me

Celebrating 26 years old

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Happy birthday to me! 26 years of ups and downs but mostly happy moments! I’m so grateful for everything I have and feel blessed to be able to turn a year older ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought I would write a cute post so you guys can get to know me better:)

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