5 things that put an instant smile on my face



Hey Ladies

As much as life looks perfect sometimes on the outside and on Instagram, a lot of times i have days where my confidence is nowhere seen. Talking about beauty and makeup while starring in the morning at a blotchy  face is not so fun. And sometimes i just do not feel like doing anything other than sitting in bed and doing nothing. There are periods where i feel like i could have taken more time to exercise, stay in shape, get organized more and so on. So i reach for some of these fabulous things that instantly lift up my spirit and put a smile of my face. Don’t think that is something i always do, trying to find the source of what originally brought me down is essential too but sometimes you need a quick fix-me up 🙂 View Post

All about year 2015!

All about year 2015!

  Hey ladies 2015! What a year…the year that i have grown into motherhood, met so many amazing people, the year my grandmother passed away, the year that has given me a lot of creative…

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