Hey Ladies

Again it has been one of those weeks were time just flew by and suddenly it is Monday again. Since it is labor day, i have got some me time so i thought of catching up with you guys and chatting a bit about life. With the NYC Fashion-week coming up,  life finally starting to get back to normal schedule and our Jewish new years holidays around the corner, i am one busy stressed out person. Honestly how to people manage it all…
My 9 month old started to turn from baby into toddler, and all i do is try to catch up with him before he turn the house up side down. I love being a mom but in all honesty sometimes it is a real big challenge.

This weekend, the lovely Lexie from IllustratedTeacup was so cute by taging me in the #SelfLoveChallenge13 Tag that has been making its way round the blogging world. It has beeen a long time since i have made a tag post so i figured why not today.
The concept is short and sweet, you share thirteen things you love about your life and yourself, without worrying about being seen as “selfish” or “full of yourself”. Lately with so much Self-portraying in the social media, our actual self-worth got lost somewhere. I believe in loving yourself and liking what you have got but not excessively flaunting it out there.
So let’s get to it. View Post