Introducing My Hometown


Since i am a born and bread swissy, and feel very proud of my country, i thought it would be nice to show off a little.
Switzerland, specifically Zurich City, where i live is one of the most beautiful, proper, and clean cities in the world. Zurich offers a variety of beautiful scenes, the famous zurich lake, famous shooping street called “Bahnhofstrasse” and the many boutiques in the old city. One can find class and elegance in any cafè, restaurant or bar. I must say there is nothing better as being served a nice drink overlooking the lake with its snow mountains in the backround. Zurich is not a very universal spot for Fashion freaks, but definitly worth a visit for all who appreciate style, elgenace and quality. This small but beautiful city is most avtive during lunch hour, where business people take their brake to sit in one of the cafés along the main street or go shopping in one of the many fancy hot spots. Zürich is a real cultural centre, with unique events in all different disciplines and walks of life. On any given day there are around 70 different cultural events on offer. With its beautiful lakeside location, unspoilt environment and extensive range of leisure and cultural activities, Zürich is both a unique and attractive travellers haven and has always been Switzerland’s largest tourist destination.

Welcome to switzerland!