12 things you must do before fall is over

Hey ladies  

I think we all pretty much agree that fall is one awesome season. Whether you look forward to more chilly das or you just can’t wait to break out your capes and blanket scarf collection after a sweltering summer, you’ve got to admit it: fall is the best.
The months of October and November give us so many things to look forward to, from holidays, to pretty weather, to family time and some cozy at home snuggle sessions with a good book, Netflix, or your loved one. But we all know nothing stays forever ( i learnt that when my baby finally started sleeping through the night and i saw the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 And so we should not let fall pass us without us ticking of some most do’s. Here is what is on my list: View Post

My Insta’picks’

My Insta’picks’

Just to mention that Jennifer Lopez is nailing the modest look lately! all her outfits are total proof that less is more! keep looking awesome Jlo!  Happy Friday:)

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