Sunday Diary #1

Hey Ladies 

Oh sunday how i love this day. It is the one day where my tiny family gets to be together all day. There is no work, no dropping off at babysitter, no rushing, no stressing, it’s just sunday! I usually use this day to tackle a lot of things on my to do list like laundry, hanging up all cothes that piled up on my chair during the week, cleaning the diaper bag, grocery order etc. We always try to do stuff and go out if the weather permits. It is a bit hard to drive and find parking here in the city and my kiddo despises the car….so it is a challenge to come up with a plan. Today we went to the Brooklyn bridge park and walked a bit around the residential area to enjoy the beautiful weather. I adore architectural buildings with nice gardens and steps and we really were able to just relax and enjoy. So i have this new series planned on my blog where i just randomly chit-chat about what i have been reading, eating, watching etc. the past week. I always loved reading other people’s lists so i have decided to make my own. View Post

Celebrating Motherhood

Celebrating Motherhood

Hey ladies, It has been a while but now i am finally back. I would say back to planet earth, since i had a terrible stomach virus and thought i am flying somewhere in heaven.…

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