My trip to belgium and my favorite accessory


Hey ladies

I know i have been MIA lately but whoever follows me on Instagram knows that i took a short trip over to europe to visit my sister. Now i love traveling but it was the first time that i left behind my husband and kiddo and it felt different than traveling when single. I was extremely nervous and stressed packing up myself and my kid that i left at a babysitter. Responsibilities could really take a toll on you. Nevertheless i had a great, short but sweet time with my family. Most of the time i was simply jetlag
( feeling drunk, sleepdeprived and disoriented all at once just for those who do not know what that means 🙂 ) but i still managed to go do some gift shopping on the streets. It is the first time View Post

What else besides ZARA?

What else besides ZARA?

Hey ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As i have mentioned in my last post, weekends for me are not really the typical two days. We have some sort of weekly mini…

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