Beach Approved – How to hit the beach in style

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Hey ladies,

It has been a while since i hit the keyboard to type a post, but it feels awesome. I must say having a baby at an early age definitely has its perks but the one thing i miss is being just a free bird in a sense that i do not have any responsibilities. For example today i had to change babysitters for my baby boy, since my last one stooped doing it. He has been there since he is three months old and it was hard to start anew. So today he was crying when i left him and it really gave me a guilt trip and a big weight of responsibility. I tell myself that all we could do is try our best and be the best version of ourselves for our kids. Blogging gives me that “free bird” feeling that i so crave, so thank you all of you 300+ followers for giving me the chance to still have that little niche for myself.
Today’s post is all about the beach! It is summer and all of you i am sure hit the beach once in a while;) so i have rounded up all of the must haves to you ladies should have in your big tote. View Post