5 things that put an instant smile on my face



Hey Ladies

As much as life looks perfect sometimes on the outside and on Instagram, a lot of times i have days where my confidence is nowhere seen. Talking about beauty and makeup while starring in the morning at a blotchy  face is not so fun. And sometimes i just do not feel like doing anything other than sitting in bed and doing nothing. There are periods where i feel like i could have taken more time to exercise, stay in shape, get organized more and so on. So i reach for some of these fabulous things that instantly lift up my spirit and put a smile of my face. Don’t think that is something i always do, trying to find the source of what originally brought me down is essential too but sometimes you need a quick fix-me up 🙂 View Post

Beauty Blog Award Tag

Beauty Blog Award Tag

Hey Ladies Best part of blogging is to meet people with the same passion as you! As much as you love your girlfriends they just won’t get the stress you have when you are in…

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