how to avoid Instagram comparison

32d097d94a81da3185955d4daa1e7eaeHey ladies,

For graduation, your parents bought you some beautiful flowers and a wrote you a sweet card. You were absolutely amazed with their kindness and felt an overflow of love from your family on this special day. Later that night, you get on instagram…maybe even to post about this generous act your parents did for you… when you start scrolling through your newsfeed and see everyone else’s photos from their graduation. One friend got a new car, one got a pet, and another friend got some designer shoes you have also been craving. Another friend got the new Michael Kors watch while another got a new Tory Burch bag. Suddenly, your flimsy flowers and little card don’t seem to be as thoughtful or special anymore. In a few days, your flowers will die and who cares about a card, right? But, your friends’ material items will last them months, if not years! Suddenly, instead of feeling grateful for what you have, you start comparing yourself and your life to your friends and now don’t feel as awesome as you did before. Subsequently, you are not thankful for what your parents gave you and might even resent them for not giving you what would give you 200+ likes on your instagram photo. 

Taken from simplyglamstyle this expert for sure brings up some thoughts. Aren’t we all a bit guilty of comparing ourselves with those lovely and very beautiful pictures from our instagram feed? View Post