best beauty products 2017

Hey Ladies

2017 has really gone by in a jiffy! Lately, i really feel like time is flying by so fast, especially seeing my new baby grow up so fast ( Almost 2 months now) !! So many always ask me what daily products i use on my face these days. i did an instastory showing some of the products that i can’t leave the house without, however, i wanted to really break down to the best and most used beauty products i used this past year. Some of those i use for years and some i just discovered. Hope i can help you find some new products you might get to love as well. View Post

rose gold

Hello Ladies

Sorry for being so silent lately but a newborn in the house takes ALL your attention and there is literally no time for nothing besides catching some much-needed sleep whenever i can! However, the gifting season is slowly but surely coming closer and while nursing my baby and lounging in my bed i had some fun browsing the web for some cute gifts. I am always drawn to products with a twist of glam and rose gold is a color that i am pretty obsessed with. So for all those rose gold lovers out there here is the ultimate guide for you! View Post

Black Friday Sale

Hello Ladies

I can’t believe we are already almost at the end of Year 2017!! I have been anxiously waiting for the sale of the year to start and lucky you i have eagerly scanned through multiple online shops and curated a list of my favorite items that are ALL on SALE!!! Some of the shops start their black friday sale early so make sure to check out the list i have listed below. If you follow me on Instagram, you know i love all things pink and blush but i did link some winter colors such as maroon and grey. On top of my must-have list is a pair of over the knee boots preferably in a rust color and a new coat for the season!  View Post

beauty giftsHey Ladies

First of i had a baby boy! yes, my little munchkin decided to appear 2 weeks early but we could not be more in love! I must say baby number two is so much easier to care for and to enjoy, i have no fear of the unknown and pretty much know already what to do this time around.

So while i kick my feet up and enjoy my newborn, i decided to finally post my first beauty gift guide. The Easiest person to shop for is most definitely the beauty obsessed! There are so many beauty gifts out there that anyone would be delighted to receive. They sometimes can get quite pricey and sometimes completely off the rocker. Nonetheless, i found some great budget-friendly gifts that i have tested and tried myself. I believe they will make a great gift for anyone who loves or wishes for some great beauty products. View Post

Fall lipsticks

Hey Ladies

I know that fall season is almost over, However here in New York i am still waiting for that cold air to hit me. So i am pretty happy i get to still go out with a loose cardigan and simple sweater, without having to bundle up just yet. Y’all know I am a lipstick girl, It is one of the products that i always make sure not to skip. ( You can spot me without mascara or foundation but never without lipstick :)) Especially since i am so fair skinned i crave that pop of color! I’ve rounded up the best fall lipsticks for fair skinned ladies just like me since i find it pretty hard to find the perfect shade.  View Post