My darling spring wishlist

darling spring wishlist

Hey Ladies

Its March! Which is my birthday month and the start of Spring. I am so looking forward to warmer days, blooming flowers and cute dresses. I like to browse around the web and see what’s trending out there and create my very own wishlist. So when the weather finally permits i have a well-curated spring wardrobe. My spring wishlists consist of lots of pink and darling items. View Post

Fun Valentine’s date ideas, that won’t break the bank & special giveaway


Hey Ladies

One week until valentines day and it’s not too soon to plan something special. Why not use this day to do something fun with your significant other and celebrate the relationship you have. Sometimes i think i have to go all out with planning fancy dinners and gifts to impress, however its not about how much you spend rather the thought that goes into it. Last year i made my special chocolate brownies and we literally devoured them with a glass of wine and called it a day. With kids in the house, its even harder to carve out time for each other so use valentines day as an excuse to do something together just to two of you. Here are some ideas View Post

Valentine’s day gifts to give yourself, because you deserve it!

Valentine's day gift ideas to give yourself

Hey Ladies

Valentine’s day is almost here and I’m so looking forward to it. Even though my husband really isn’t into it, (I’m still trying to win him over lol) its still such a fun day. Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not, you should still treat yourself to something cute and fun, because hey why not?! Valentine’s Day is all about love, and loving yourself is part of that. I rounded up a bunch of gifts to celebrate yourself. Even if its just a new lipstick, if it makes your heart flutter then treat yourself! View Post

The most flattering pink lipstick for every skin tone including a 10$ drugstore favorite


Hey Ladies

When it gets below minus outside ( for real!) all you can do is stay inside and play with makeup no? Anyways, i did that and decided to post my favorite pink lipstick shades. If you know me you know that i never don’t wear lipstick, its the one item i always carry with me. And pink is just a very flattering color for me. So i rounded up my favorites that i am sure will look good on anyone:) View Post

10 favorite items I purchased in 2018

Hey Ladies

i was contemplating if i should write one of those cliche new years resolution posts. But i am sure that you are sick of hearing everyone’s major goals and dreams. So, i have decided to rather write about my favorite items i purchases in 2018. Of course, i had some hit and miss items, like the one sweater i ordered on Shein that went straight into the garbage since it had no shape or form and resembled a kids knitting project. BUT, some items i am really obsessed with like the whole Atlantic Pacific collection especially the pink bow blouse which is sadly sold out and so much more! View Post

The under 50$ Faux Fur coat, I will be wearing all season long

Hey Ladies

I never thought of faux fur being so popular! However, it quickly became the IT coat of the season. Last year i posted this pretty beige faux fur. This year i scored this under 50$ deep green faux fur coat. And I can’t get enough of it! Its super smooth ( not chunky ) and keeps me really warm even in the NYC winter days! So, i wanted to share with you some of the very best, most affordable faux fur coat options for this year. I, myself, am pretty picky when it comes to coats, i don’t like to look like a walking lama neither do i want it to look cheap. So I’ve rounded up several to hopefully help you find the perfect one for you.

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