epic brownies

Hey ladies

This post may seem random to you but if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me bake the most delicious brownies and i promised to share the recipe.  So that’s how this ended up happening. I am sure you have something planned for valentines day and you are probably thinking “does the world really need another brownies recipe?” BUT sometimes it’s the unexpected surprise that makes these men happy and this is how these brownies ended up happening… View Post

Valentines day

Hey Ladies

If you give me any reasons to celebrate love, i will take it. Who does not love a day dedicated to all things pink, red and romantic?! Some people might think Valentine’s day is cheesy and overrated, but i say, why not?! It is so cute when grown-ups get to be all sweet and romantic, going out of their way to celebrate each other. I remember the first year of marriage when valentines day came around i went out and bought balloons from a store around the corner, i then made a big breakfast and decorated the whole house with rose petals. (call me a hopeless romantic, i will take it ;)) I was standing by the door waiting for my husband to come home, and he arrived with the exact same balloons from the store i bought mine!! We burst out laughing, and it was just such a cute moment:) Besides, you know how much i love all things sparkly, pink and flirty. So go treat yourself to something pretty this Valentine’s day! View Post

how to practice self-care

Hey Ladies

They Say: Self-care isn’t selfish! And i couldn’t agree more! Since becoming a mom of two i barely have time for myself, wait let me rephrase this, i have NO time for myself. However, one month after having my second baby i felt completely depleted and run down. I needed to take a shortstop and really evaluate how i am going to take care of myself, since if i don’t i cant keep on giving to my children, home and spouse. Therefore, i took it upon myself to carve out some special time for myself in order to recharge, refocus and chill out. Here are some of the ways to practice self-care. View Post

best beauty products 2017

Hey Ladies

2017 has really gone by in a jiffy! Lately, i really feel like time is flying by so fast, especially seeing my new baby grow up so fast ( Almost 2 months now) !! So many always ask me what daily products i use on my face these days. i did an instastory showing some of the products that i can’t leave the house without, however, i wanted to really break down to the best and most used beauty products i used this past year. Some of those i use for years and some i just discovered. Hope i can help you find some new products you might get to love as well. View Post

rose gold

Hello Ladies

Sorry for being so silent lately but a newborn in the house takes ALL your attention and there is literally no time for nothing besides catching some much-needed sleep whenever i can! However, the gifting season is slowly but surely coming closer and while nursing my baby and lounging in my bed i had some fun browsing the web for some cute gifts. I am always drawn to products with a twist of glam and rose gold is a color that i am pretty obsessed with. So for all those rose gold lovers out there here is the ultimate guide for you! View Post