3 Tips on how to dress modest without compromising style

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As you know i am a modest inspired blogger, which basically means that i only wear skirts that cover my knees and long sleeve tops. No pants, no shorts, no short sleeves, no short dresses you get the point. To some of you this might sound constricted however i am here to tell you that you can dress with constrictions and still feel stylish and attractive.  View Post

The products you need to snag at the sephora VIB Sale (up to 15% off!!)

Hey Ladies

If you have been following me on Instagram you know i had taken some days off and went on vacation to Miami! It was absolutely a dream come true and i will definitely post more details of my trip in my next post. However first things first! The yearly Sephora VIB Sale starts tomorrow for VIB insiders and Beauty Insiders. Which means you can get up to 15% off on all items.
VIB: use code YAYVIB for 15% off April 20 – 23
Beauty Insider: use code YAYINSIDER for 10% off April 20 – 23 View Post

Spring wardrobe guide – my favorite spring items

Spring wardrobe

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It is actually funny since right now here in new york its still very much winter these days. However, i can still dream of spring dresses and white blouses, right? I have been browsing around looking for things i would wear if the weather would permit and found so many beautiful items. I can’t wait to fill my spring wardrobe with blush tones, striped skirts and circle bags ( the newest it bag!) and slowly but very surely put those sweaters and coats all the way in the back of the closet.

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The only winter-to-spring transitional piece you need in your closet

winter-to-spring transitional coat

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Spring is right around the corner ( March 20th to be exact). With warmer weather peeking through here and there i am so ready to bust out all my spring clothes. However, it’s still really chilly here in NYC.  One day its sunny and warm and you’re walking out with just a light cardigan and the next day its freezing and all you want to do is wear your beanie curled up by the fire. I am more than often starring at my closet lately, unsure of what works best at this unpredictable time of year. What i can always count on, is my camel coat! I have worn it in the fall and i wear it now all the time. Its the perfect winter-to-spring transitional piece that you can easily wear with any outfit. I also love the nutural color which makes it easy to pair with other pieces like a floral dress for warmer days or chunky knit for when its back to being chilly. View Post

Trendy Spring Handbags for under 50$

Spring handbags

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Its March!!! can you tell how excited i am?? First of all it means the start of spring and second, march is my birthday month! Plus a new season means some new accessories no? I have spared you the hassle of browsing through the internet and i rounded up the hottest handbags of the season for under 50$! A few of my favorites are this red circle bag from Topshop which also comes in yellow and white, and this small structured straw bag. Also, can we just take a moment and swoon over these gorgeous pastel colors? A little birdy told me it’s going to be a season full of blush pink, yellow and light purple. Yasss.  View Post