Top affordable clothing websites to shop at, to fake an expensive wardrobe ( + Revolve Giveaway)

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If you know me well, then you know how much I get a kick out of getting a good bargain. I am all for looking chic yet spending a minimal amount of money. Of course, it’s nice to treat yourself to nice designer goods every once in a while but let’s face it – money doesn’t grow on trees. Nowadays trends evolve so fast that it’s almost not worth it to invest in clothing that in two months are out of style. That is why I wanted to make a post dedicated to looking fabulous on a budget. There are a few places I always manage to find on affordable clothing and elegant pieces and not having to spend an arm and a leg. View Post

The Ultimate Nordstrom BEAUTY GUIDE (what to buy before the sale ends)

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Drumrolls please… the Nordstrom anniversary Sale is open to the public! Now, before you go binge on beauty products and max out your credit card read this post. I was lucky enough to get invited by Nordstrom and get a preview of the items on sale. I got a closeup of the products and see whats really worth getting.  Anyways, i wrapped up what i think is worth it, and what i own myself and love. With over 450 Nordstrom beauty exclusives from top brands, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on everything you need to achieve your favorite beauty looks

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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale favorites ( for the chic lady in mind)

nordstrom anniversary sale

Hey Ladies

I am sure you heard of it, the Nordstrom anniversary sale. One of the biggest sales of the year. For only a couple weeks, Nordstrom offers shoppers brand new arrivals (both summer and fall included) at eye-popping sale prices. When the 25-day sale window closes, all items shoot back up to original prices. I have filtered through dozens of items to find you the chicest ones out there fit for a lady.

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July 4th Summer Sales Roundup

Summer Sales

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Happy month of July!! summer is here and along with it come the best summer sales of the season! I have linked all my favorite places i shop with their current 4th of July summer sales and codes for you to shop away. Also, don’t forget to enter the Nordstrom 1000$ gift card at the end of the post.

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The skincare products I use to keep my skin clear over the summer {Nordstrom giveaway}

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Summer season is in full force and with it comes a change of skincare and beauty routine. I like to keep my regime simple because who has got the time to lather on 10 different creams. Am I right? So I narrowed it down to my favorites that do the job best to keep my skin clear from outbreaks. View Post