Carrie Bradshaw and all her life lessons

Hey ladies! i hope you are all doing well and are ready for some REAL girl talk about Carrie Bradshaw. Who does not know the famous lady who invented tulle skirts long before it was in style, who is obsessed with shoes, who has a crazy love life, like many of us and who has some real life tips and tricks we could all learn from..
There is something about Carrie and her friends that keeps on pulling me to watch the series all over again and again. Is it the many awesome fashion moments? The crazy, cool friendship? Or the fact that it’s all in the city that never sleeps –  Manhattan?
I think every woman in this world could somehow relate to some things Carrie Bradshaw is portraying. The many breakups, the trying to just get through life without losing it sometimes, the many desires of expensive shoes, bags, fashion, i mean who does not have all those issues sometimes? So that is why i picked some really cool quotes of the series we could all get some inspiration from. View Post