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Hey Ladies

Today i have got something really special for you make up gurus. I recently met Molly over Instagram who launched her own make up line more than a year ago. She is super sweet and sent me some of her products to try which i absolutely fell in love with ( check my Instagram feed ). On a spontaneous note we thought of her guest blogging here at posh and spicy and i couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board.
If you want to be a guest blogger click here for more information.
let’s first hear more about Molly.

Tell me a bit about yourself

Let’s see… I am a positive person with a serious love for travel. I definitely question boundaries and have learned to trust my gut instincts, they always take me in the right direction. If something doesn’t “feel” right, then if probably isn’t. Family is always number 1. I have an amazing boyfriend who keeps me grounded, and a supportive gathering of friends around the world. Cooking, beaching, coffee dates… I am obsessed with my business, it let’s my passion and dreams run wild.

What made you decide to do built a make up company?

It started at a young age… I made lip balm for the first time when I was 12 years old. My love for makeup artistry and product development continued to grow with the help from my environmental chemist father, and I realised early on that I wanted to have my own makeup brand. It’s pretty exciting to read my old business plans from 10 years ago and I am still following those original ideas!

What was the highest point in you business so far?
The highest point for me was launching my lipstick line last October. It was also the brand’s 1st birthday, so I threw a big party. Just looking around and seeing everyone wearing my lipstick was incredible!
What are your tips for ladies who want to start their own makeup company?

Start with a clear direction of where you want to go with the company. Things will always change, but having an idea of the branding, style, and big picture will really help carry the brand through the start-up stage. Also, remember to take time for yourself… I always find clarity from travel, but even just a walk around the block will do!


First off, a big thank you to Toby for the opportunity to guest post on her beautiful blog! Today I wanted to chat about makeup and how we can build up our techniques from an everyday look and experiment a little. Fashion and makeup statements tend to be ever-changing… dated looks are constantly reinvented within new contexts and colors, making them fresh again. lately there seems to be an “anything goes” attitude which I find refreshing.

Quality basics are the grounding elements for the craziness of the industry. Before glancing at the latest runway looks, opt in for a quality foundation ( buy here ) mascara and a natural lip ( buy here ).


Now, try starting with one component at a time. the dewy skin look can easily turn into the “just jumped in a lake” skin look without refinement…
Once you have covered the basics, it’s easier to adapt into a gorgeous dewy cheekbone by patting on a facial oil, or trying that bold raspberry cheek color on the lips instead.


Remember to follow that gut instinct of what looks and feels right, and remember it can always be washed off! have fun! Molly xx

Model: Katrine Holec from Que Models, and Abbie Ongheen
Photographer: Ray Hui from TimesTwo Photography, both images
Dress: Erin Hassell Designs & Isaballa Longginou
Makeup & Hair: Molly from dunkle authentic, both images

Instagram / @dunkleauthentic
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