Matte Vs. Dewy / Which type are you?

Hey Ladies,

The world of beauty could sometimes be really overwhelming. Once you finally mastered the skills to contouring suddenly there is this new thing called strobbing. A matte finish was always praised till the dewy look came around. There is this constant shifting, which for me makes beauty so much more interesting and dynamic. But sometimes you could lose your place in it so it is very important to know what suits your skin the best, what are your no-go’s, what brings out the best features etc. So today it is all about finding out if you are a dewy or a matte type.

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The dewy look

A dewy finish says that you are confident about your skin. Your skin is healthy, fresh and glows. To create that post-gym flush the main thing you will need is a tinted moisturizer. What i like to do is dab a bit of face oil after unto my cheeks to get that glowy finish. Instead of a matte powder finish you will use a highlighter or a illuminating powder to spotlight your complexion. Use just a bit of blush to get your cheeks flushed. I would not recommend this to someone who has a very oily skin type or has a few breakouts. If you are going to a party and know that there will be lots of pictures taken, i wouldn’t recommend that look either. It is perfect for when you do not have much time on your hands to perfect your make up.

Things i use: Bobbi Brown face oil / MAC Mineralize Illuminator / Clarins Make up mist / Kari gran lipwhip

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The matte look

This look is a polished very precise look. Once your done with this, there is no need for touch ups since you perfected your matte complexion. Start with prepping your skin with matte primers and oil control lotions. Main goal is that your face should look as even and perfect as possible. A everlasting matte foundation is key to this uptown girl look.  Finish with a loose powder to make sure that there is no sheen left. I would recommend this for oily to combination skin. Perfect for ladies that wan’t their make up to last through a long weekend party.

Things i use: Estee Lauder matte  / MAC oil control lotion / MAC foundation powder

And here are some pictures of me doing the dewy look. I used to be a total matte girl, especially since my skin did not get out of that teenage zone yet. But in the summer i really liked to try going out and about with less makeup and with a glossy finish.

Alright ladies now it is your turn. What type are you? A perfect matte uptown party girl or a natural dewy post gym girl ? Have you ever switched from matte to dewy? What type do you like best? Let me hear some beauty chatter ladies.

Until soon,

Xo- toby


  1. July 29, 2015 / 4:08 am

    During the summer months, I love dewy looks. But it really depends on what look I’m going for. Matte seems more formal and done up. But if I’m just hanging around or out shopping, I’ll do the dewy look because it feels more relaxed and natural. Loved this post ! 🙂

    • July 29, 2015 / 12:54 pm

      thank you kate xx yes i agree for hanging out and shopping the dewy look is great 🙂

  2. July 29, 2015 / 5:27 pm

    I always love a dewy look! It just looks so natural and fresh!

  3. January 5, 2016 / 3:59 pm

    Great post. Im currently playing in between both.

    • Toby
      January 5, 2016 / 4:00 pm

      thats great! thank you for reading!

      • January 5, 2016 / 4:02 pm

        Of course. Looking forward to your post:)

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