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Your jewelry collection is most likely one of the most treasured parts of your wardrobe. Not only is jewelry a luxury item, that costs a pretty penny, but many pieces may be heirlooms or of sentimental value. You can display your jewelry in a cute way without breaking the bank. It will be easy to choose the perfect accessory for every outfit and take your summer wardrobe to the next level.
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Coming up with an attractive display for your jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many DIY ways to show off your most loved baubles. Create a block display for only $10. Visit your local craft store and pick up just four simple supplies. All you need is: a wooden block, a foot long brass rod, a sawtooth picture hanger and some Gorilla glue. Nail your sawtooth hanger to the back of the wooden block. On the reverse side, attach the brass rod to the wooden piece using gorilla glue. Let your creation dry for 24 hours and you’re ready to hang. This sleek display is perfect for cuffs, necklaces and dangly earrings.

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Create a luxe presentation by mounting a faux set of antlers on the wall above your dresser. This brings an additional 3D element to your wall decor. You can choose an antler set of any shade, or go for a metallic color to match your taste in jewels. Friends are sure to comment on the statement piece and it will be so easy to grab a necklace that inspires you. There are so many beautiful and affordable handmade options available on Etsy.

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Some pieces are not easily hung and for these types of accessories, using found objects that express your personality will be perfect. Vintage teacups make a remarkable vessel for rings and bracelets. The intricate and dainty designs will add class to the display. The cups will function not only as holders but as a symbol of your adventurous side. Most teacups have designs specific to their origin and can be a spectacular souvenir if your worldly travels. How perfect to place them alongside your adored charms.

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You can buy a premade jewelry display that will operate additionally as a piece of art. Wooden displays exude a feeling of richness and are stable pieces to hold heavier collections. This wall hanging found on Etsy is a geometric focal point with calming colors to show off your creative side.

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Another cute handmade option depicts quaint little houses with roofs to hold your necklace assortment. The random pastel homes make this piece an adorable addition to any room.

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It’s fun to go through your jewelry stockpile and find pieces you’ve long forgotten about. Organizing them can be fun when you have a cute display. When all your pieces are visible, you will be able to put together the ideal outfit for any occasion.

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