Belated Mothers day Inspiration

Hello Ladies,

I know i have been a bit MIA, but not because i did not want to take the time to write for my blog. My little munchkin got the fevers over the weekend, so he kept me very busy. I was always wondering why exactly do we celebrate mothers day. I mean we do not celebrate children, grandparents, aunts and uncles. So why does a mom get this extra special day. After spending 3 days without sleep, because of my baby and after numerous amounts of diaper changes, bottle feedings, baths and medicine breaks, i understand why. Being a mom is exhausting, tiring, nerve wrenching, and not easy at times. Nobody really knows how much time, effort and patience you put into your children, except you. Nobody really knows the millions of thoughts, planning and organizing you do all day, except you. And it could feel sometimes like nobody really applauds you for the achievements you have reached, like any other graduate. So here comes a day, where the world, your children, spouse and family recognize the super powers of a mom.
And it feels good! Yes it really does. So i applaud to all of you moms, moms to be, and mother in-laws for being exceptionally great, because of your title  – Mom

And now to the fashion and lifestyle part of my blog. As a mom i rarely have time for myself. Practically every day i am having a race with the time. No time for lengthy make ups, no time for perfect hair, no time to dress up etc. Here are a few trick up my sleeves that i want to share with you, that are easy steps to become a glam woman with very little time.


1. No time for a lengthy make up. Just put on lipstick! It is an instant pick me up. Pick a bright, bold color and nobody will realize that half your make up is missing ( well do conceal a little;)


2. No time for a hair do? Pick a printed scarf or a headband and tie it in a cute way. Total trend and hides your bad hair day.

3. There is nothing like a glam moment than a spritz of your favorite perfume. Do not leave the house without it just because your baby is impatient!


4. Your outfit does not really scream glam? divert all eyes on a statement jewelry piece. Like a necklace or bold earring.

5. You did not have time to take care of your legs, and manicure your feet? A colorful Maxi skirt covers it all. Total summer trend and feels heaven.

There you go. 5 tricks and you are the ultimate glam woman in little less than 5 minutes! It is one of our motherly super powers;)
Have a happy Wednesday and let me hear your thoughts. On a side note- Today i got the cutest email from one of  my fellow blog readers, reminding me that i actually do inspire some of you. It is great to hear such things and you are all welcome to pop in and say hi.

until soon ladies,
Xx- toby


    • May 14, 2015 / 9:05 pm

      thanks! 🙂

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