How to renew your home office

Hey my lovely’s

After  a week of being sick in bed, im happy to be back to myself and my blogging. Since my days of moving out of my house and to a different country is coming closer, sunday has become a day of clearing out stuff.
While doing that, my mind and thought were wondering to a new vision of my own apartement/ space i can call my own. Since 2104 is around the door, i thought maybe a few of you might want to put on your “new years resolution” list a point called – rearranging my home.
with just a few details and moving, your room or private space can be turned into your haven. Check out those pictures i have chosen for you, entailing many details, color schems and space ideas. You might even want to put some ideas on your wish list.




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Turn your home into something special. Nothing ever hurt of clearing out some of your stuff and spend some of your free sunday’s sorting and organizing, so that by 2014 your home and own corner will wave a fresh breath of air.

Happy Sunday and stay updated for the upcoming sparkly sparkly Post

Until next time

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