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I have been thinking alot lately about the subject of “being fashion but still modest”. I love fashion, does that mean i can’t be modest at the same time and not look cheap and exposed? I love my blog, especially since I’m writing about one of my favourite passions…fashion, and im also writing it as a jewish girl. There is this famous say that if one has a precious diamond one does not just leave it openly on the coffeetable but it’s wrapped up nicely in a box and in locked up. Same with us. We have a gift called “body”, we dont just have it displayed for everyone to see and gape, it’s special and hidden under a fine layer of clothing. Now, does that mean those clothing have to look like they have passed their 50th birthday? or does it mean it has to be all in black? or from the trends of 1995? so many actually think that way.
I dont believe so. Lucky for us, the variaty of modest clothing is booming and is accessible everywhere.
Be it in stores like Zara, or if you want some upper class any kind of brand name store eg. Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Chloé. Be it on runaway shows or even on some celebrities. Fashion with the according guidlines of modesty is truly seen everywhere. So why not make use of it?
One can look fab and still hide ones precious gift.  I dont believe the color black from head to toe makes one look more modest, rather it looks like one is attending a funeral. So get out there and buy yourself some nice suitable colour, pair it up with some bold accessoires and you will look both in trend and modest.
After all, we do feel better and accomplish more when we look awesome!
Hopefully i can inspire some to switch from an all black wardrobe to being truly glam and realize that ones inner beauty can actually be expressed by an outer beauty.

“Elegance is when the outside is as beautiful as the inside” – CHANEL

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  1. January 12, 2015 / 8:00 pm

    Congratulations!!! It looks like you’re the ideal person for planning your own wedding! Great style!

    Boo x

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