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There are plenty of articles and promotions on makeup products that you SHOULD buy and must have, however nobody will tell you what NOT to buy. The beauty business is one of the largest retail business and we sure know why. We love to look beautiful and any product that promises that is a “add to cart”. Nevetheless, there are lot’s of products that are just here to feed on your money and promise unrealistic things. Here are a few products that i have tried and bought and really saw no use out of them besides that i have spent far too much money on them View Post

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Hey Ladies

Today I am finally back with a new outfit post. I don`t know if I ever told you, but I am in love with faux fur coats and this one was recently added to my wardrobe. I was so thankful that i purchased it last minute before Fashion week, since it literally saved my life. It was was so blody freezing, like – so cold that you’re seriously considering spending all your money on cab fare in order to avoid walking anywhere! So cold, that all you want to do was hide under your covers with double layered pyjamas! You get the point! Needless to say i was glad i had an outfit that kept me alive, while in the city. View Post

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Hey Ladies

Whew it has been a week!! First it’s Fashionweek if you have not heard, which gives me a mix of thrill and anxiety at the same time. It is a bit complicated to attend shows while working and having to rush back to pick up my son. However, i did manage to attend two partys and one show from Michael Costello ( That is with being hit by a snowstorm and having to stalk through piles of snow !) So i wanted to share with you what i am loving lately and my favorite links to read. There are so many new stuff that i received and purchased and i thought the best way is to put it all in a blogpost to share with you:) View Post

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Hey Ladies

If you give me any reasons to celebrate love, i will take it. However, some people might thing Valentine’s day is cheesy and overrated, but i say, why not?! It is so cute when grown ups get to be all cheesy and romantic going out of their way to celebrate each other. I remember the first year of marriage when valentines day came around i went out and bought balloons from a store around the corner, i then made a big breakfast and decorated the whole house with rose petals. (call me a hopeless romantic, i will take it ;)) I was standing by the door waiting for my husband to come home, and he arrived with the exact same balloons from the sore i bought mine!! We burst out laughing, and it was just such a cute moment:) And besides, you know how much i love all things sparkly, pink and flirty. View Post

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When you finally have your blog all set-up and you are writing content it is very important to try to make the most out of your website. Here is where plugins come very handy. When people come to your website you want to give them the best experience possible and simultaneously gain the most exposure you can. Before thinking of adding a wordpress plugin, think of what you want to gain out of it. Maybe it is a better site performance, a cool widget to gain followers, a subscription pop up etc. I have listed my favorite WordPress plugins, that i feel gave me the best results for what i needed. View Post


Hey Ladies

It has been quiet a week for me! I was lucky enough to meet some amazing bloggers over IG and then meet them in person for coffee and lunch date. It is such an amazing feeling when you share your passion for something with someone else. Anyhow, lately i have been amazed at high street brands new collections, especially H&M. They really are on pointe with some of their styles and are totally slaying it for half the price that you would normally pay. I always love a good bargain so if i find something that really looks like it can be in a magazine for under 100$ i’m in! Check out some of those gorgeous pieces View Post


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Colored accessories are a great way of adding the wow factor to your outfit. If you are like me and bold colors are not something you would wear, incorporating it into your accessories is a great way to go. You may have also noticed on my Instagram account, i recently got obsessed with light, pink and neutral colors so when i first received this dress from Gomodest, i did not know how to wear it. However, i think i have found a way of injecting some feminine color into this dress by wearing some of my favorite accessories that i had already in my closet.  View Post

vince camuto
Hey Ladies

I had the priviledge to be invited to a very special event by Vince Camuto featuring their new fragrance called “Ciao”. The event took place at the new westfield plaza in NYC and i am still swooning over it! It was totally above my expectations and i am so obsessed with the new fragrance that i felt like i had to share it with you guys. My first impression when i arrived at the event was how nice and welcoming all the PR people were, which is not a given, especially not in that departement. View Post