gift guide

Any reasons to buy gifts for myself or others is a great one. If you have started to look for the perfect gift i have a roundup of some super chic items for those that are as fashion obsessed as me.  Click through the links for special gift ideas! And make sure to check out the sale items i have included. View Post

relieve stress

Hey Ladies

Our lives these days are so busy and hectic, sometimes i really feel like i am on a treadmill and can’t get off. There are so many things we woman balance in our everyday life; work, family, kids, social life etc. At times when i really feel like i need to step back and get a breather, i like to pamper myself. Call me selfish but it’s the only thing i feel that recharges my battery a bit and gives me some emotional boost to get up and do life. I first discovered Rituals  during my trip to Switzerland and instantly got swept away by its indulging and calming store. They give you a complimentary hand scrub and serve you Asian tea. They have the perfect self-care products you will need to relax, reboot and recharge.  View Post


Hey Girls

I am so excited to share this post with you guys since i cherish everything about being a girl! Today, I’m partnering with Vera Bradley to take a part in the brand’s “Why It’s Good to Be a Girl” campaign and share with you, my top reasons why I love embracing my Feminity. I believe that being a girl/woman is a privilege and a gift and there is so much to love about that title and hey …”who runs the world? GIRLS!” We get to have sweet sixteens, and tea parties and get to have both brains AND beauty all this along with a lot of #girltalk #girlpower and of course the best of all, being a #GIRLBOSS. Here are a few of my favorite reasons why i love being a girl View Post



Hey Ladies

I have finally listened to all of your encouragements to do a post about flatlays. I have gathered some great tips i have instore after doing them for a while now. We all love a good Flatlay on our IG feed and i have been obsessed with them since the beginning of the trend. It might look hard to copy, but with some few tips and tricks its easier than you think. Since i love beauty products and all the pretty items to uplift my home i think a flatlay is a great way showcasing it. View Post

beauty favorites

Hey Ladies

i know i have been on a break lately, that’s because we have ongoing holidays. Its not easy to balance work, holidays and blogging all in one but i do love getting back to business and sharing what has been on my radar lately. I actually wanted to update you all on my beauty additions every month, but you know how it goes you wake up and your 3 months past. So at least i figured i can still squeeze in my October beauty favorites. View Post

Fall layering

Hey Ladies

Fall is the season of more; more colors, more makeup, and more layers. When the temperature drops, layering is the key to looking stylish while staying warm. There are so many things i love about fall, the excitement of putting together new (warmer!) outfits is definitely one of them. But the most important thing about learning to layer is getting a good handle on what specific items you need. Cozy sweaters, leather jackets, and pastel coats are some cool layering formulas you will need to nail your next autumn outfit of the day. View Post

h&m beauty

Hey Ladies

I hope you are all having a great week so far. If you know me well you will know that i love a good bargain. I am that girl who waits for her must have dress, to go on sale lol but all joking aside when H&M launched its beauty department i was absolutely thrilled! They carry more than 700 beauty products ( Yess you heard right!!)  including tools, hair, makeup, skin care, and nail polish all less than ten bucks! So many youtube bloggers and beauty magazines were raving about the products that i just had to get my hands on them as well.  View Post


Hey Ladies

I know it has been a while since i have shown my presence here! Not that i have been lacking inspiration, on the contrary actually, sometimes there is so much to blog about that i don’t even know where to start! I came back last week from my trip to Switzerland and i am still on a high from it. Even though traveling with my 2-year-old was not that fun, the overall visit to Switzerland made it all worthwhile. If you have not been to Switzerland yet, i suggest you visit asap! it’s absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. Here are my few tips on what to do and what to see and some pictures that i snapped along the way.  View Post