Hey Ladies

I think it is safe to say that summer has finally kicked in here in new york! It’s time to get my wardrobe ready for the summer season which is in perfect timing with all the memorial sales going on this week. Nordstrom has a half yearly Sale that happens twice a year and i used it as an excuse to do some healthy retail therapy, which i strongly believe in:) View Post

Hey Ladies

We all love our diamonds and pearls but there are other few jewelry pieces that i believe belongs in every woman’s treasure box. Jewelry has evolved in so many ways making minimal stud earrings a hit and stacked rings a must have. Rachel Zoe called out tassels as a must-have spring trend, and i right away ordered some pieces. A great piece of jewelry will give your outfit a polished and finished look. Here are some of the pieces i think are great to have and that will always give you that extra detail of your #ootd. View Post


Hey Ladies

Believe it or not but spring just started this week here in NYC. I was wearing my winter coat just a few days ago, that’s how horrid the weather was. For a spring makeup look i aim for a fresh and natural look. I like the pink and nude hues especially for the lips. Most important for me is my skintone. I am generally really white skinned and winter makes me even more pale, so i like to get a nice bronzed glow. Here are my must have Spring Beauty essentials View Post

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Hey Ladies

We all love a good Flatlay on our IG feed and i have been obsessed with them since the beginning of the trend. It might look hard to copy, but with some few tips and tricks its easier than you think. I love playing around with items and beauty things to get that perfect shot. Here are my few top tips for you. View Post


Hey Ladies

Happy Monday girls it’s one of those days that when i look into the mirror i just cringe. Lack of sleep, no time to eat and lot’s of stress tend to really have an effect on my skin. But here is the good part there are small miracle workers that could make it more or less disappear. Primers are sometimes skipped but in my routine it is the most important part. It preps your skin so your makeup could look flawless. The newest primers do not just smooth skin, keep makeup in place and blur pores, they also brighten, hydrate and do so much more.  View Post

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Hey Ladies

As much as life looks perfect sometimes on the outside and on Instagram, a lot of times i have days where my confidence is nowhere seen. Talking about beauty and makeup while starring in the morning at a blotchy  face is not so fun. And sometimes i just do not feel like doing anything other than sitting in bed and doing nothing. There are periods where i feel like i could have taken more time to exercise, stay in shape, get organized more and so on. So i reach for some of these fabulous things that instantly lift up my spirit. Don’t think that is something i always do, trying to find the source of what originally brought me down is essential too but sometimes you need a quick fix-me up 🙂 View Post


Hey Ladies!

I am back from a huge big break that i took in order to attend my BFF wedding in Israel! For the first time i was 7 days with just my hubby and me tuning out and enjoying the peace and quiet without our little munchkin. It was amazing!  The worst though is to get back home to reality and realizing that all your issues are actually still here waiting for you lol. Anyways so it was back to work for me and regular life is picking up quickly. My must have these days is my favorite work bag that i use everyday to get to work and stash all my stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re clocking hours in a corporate cubicle, startup company or home office – every #girlboss needs a reliable carryall. The best bag is one that can be functional and fashionable, for every budget. Here are my shopping tips when looking for your best carry all and some shoppable links View Post


Hey Ladies

Since i am busy packing for my trip to israel this coming tuesday ( yaaaaaaasss happy dance!!!) i thought i would share with you my top picks that i currently have or want in my suitcase. For me it is a real big struggle to pack, not only do i want to like literally pack my entire closet but i can’t decide what’s a must and what i could leave behind. I am the type that i want to be better safe than sorry so i end up taking more than one pair of shoes,bags, jackets etc. and do not get me started on my endless, overstuffed makeup bag . Thank goodness they only let a certain amount of pounds on the airplaine otherwise theyd be in trouble 🙂 I have narrowed it down to 8  things that i cannot travel without View Post