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Colored accessories are a great way of adding the wow factor to your outfit. If you are like me and bold colors are not something you would wear, incorporating it into your accessories is a great way to go. You may have also noticed on my Instagram account, i recently got obsessed with light, pink and neutral colors so when i first received this dress from Gomodest, i did not know how to wear it. However, i think i have found a way of injecting some feminine color into this dress by wearing some of my favorite accessories that i had already in my closet.  View Post

vince camuto
Hey Ladies

I had the priviledge to be invited to a very special event by Vince Camuto featuring their new fragrance called “Ciao”. The event took place at the new westfield plaza in NYC and i am still swooning over it! It was totally above my expectations and i am so obsessed with the new fragrance that i felt like i had to share it with you guys. My first impression when i arrived at the event was how nice and welcoming all the PR people were, which is not a given, especially not in that departement. View Post

makeup foundation

Hey Ladies

I am feeling super beauty obsessed lately, i mean i am always into beauty and makeup stuff but lately even more. It is always exciting when makeup brands come up with new innovations. Like contour palettes, color correctors and so many other new things. So when Estee Lauder released their Double Wear Cushion Stick, i was intrigued. Imagine that you could get both a makeup applicator and foundation in one? Could your base be done any easier? Whether you are a gal that is always moving and on the go, or like me, a working mom who has no time to spare, this foundation is made for you!  View Post

dry skin

Hey Ladies

I wont be surprised if you are struggling with dry skin, especially at this time of the year, where we need extra care to maintain our skin hydrated and healthy. I always feel like winter is the time when you really pay attention to your skin; the dryness and cold air always makes people pack on layers of cream and what not. So to revive my dry skin back to health, i reach for these few products and methods. just for the record, I have really oily skin most of the time, however i do get dry patches in the winter which makes my fundation look flaky, and who likes that?!
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Hey Ladies

The fragrance world is undeniably overwhelming. With so many options, finding a scent that reflects you and that you love can seem impossible. I am not a person who buys a new fragrance every other day and i have a very hard time finding that perfect match. In addition, once i found something i usually stick to that one for a long time. However, a new year is the perfect excuse to get a new addition to my growing collection and i wanted to share with you the 4 fragrances i discovered lately that are perfect for the winter season. View Post

How to attend NYFW

Hey Ladies

As NYFW is approaching, I figured I’d re-cap on some tips I’ve learned from the last time i went to NYFW and share it with you guys. I am sure you all had a fantasy of attending NYFW at some point in your life especially if you are a fashion and style blogger. I always wished to have that Carrie Bradshaw moment of being at fashion week with a whole bunch of girls and let me tell you it’s totally possible! As a blogger, you have more power than you think, even if you are just a tiny one:) And i am here to show you how you can use all you have got to your advantage, and ultimately attend NYFW.   View Post

2017 resolutionsHEY LADIES

My first post in 2017…how exciting! Do you also love the feeling of a fresh year, new chapter and the anticipation what the year entails? 2016 was a great year for me with lots of new adjustments. We moved to a bigger apartement, my son went from baby to a toddler and i started a new job and so many more things. This year i am looking forward to making it even better by helping myself. It is all about selfcare for me this year since i have really spent my time taking care of everyone around me and forgeting myself in the process. So i thought of sharing with you my most important resolutions that are really straight to the point and easy to keep ( i mean lets see about that) View Post


Hello Ladies

I Hope you all had the best holidays ever and shared some great moments with your family and friends. However, I still have 3 more days of Chanukah and i currently am avoiding the scale since i am sure i have gained 20 pounds from all these delicious doughnuts i have been eating away lately. BUT let’s talk about even more exciting stuff like SALE….! It’s the end of the year and all stores and shops are doing their massive sale days like the Nordstrom Half Year Sale and so many others. Therefore, I have picked my favorite ones from different shops and i am excited to share them with you. View Post